BUDS (How it Works)

There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation on the topic of BRP’s BUDS system. The following is an attempt to clarify how the BRP BUDS system access works.

The BUDS system is intended for BRP dealers only. The BUDS system utilizes BRP licensed windows based software, a security dongle called the MPI-2 (Multi Protocol Interface) and a security key code. In the most basic terms, you can’t do anything with the BUDS software unless you have the security dongle (MPI-2) plugged into your computer and have the appropriate key code for your specific MPI-2 from BRP.

The key code is a 20 digit alpha numeric string that is generated by a key code generator. In order to generate a key code, you must input the MPI’s serial number, the type of access to be granted (more about this later) and the expiration date of the key code. This information is processed by the generator and it outputs the 20 digit key code. Entering this key code into the BUDS software unlocks the functionality. Again, you must have the MPI hooked up to the computer or it won’t work. The secret ingredient to the recipe is the key code generator.

BRP dealers are provided a key code by BRP. Up until around 2010, the dealers had to call BRP and provide their dealer number and MPI serial number to BRP. They would then be given the key code to enter into the BUDS software. I assume the BRP answer desk entered the information into the key code generator while the dealer was on the phone with them. This was the process for BUDS version 2. Subsequently, BRP automated the key code generation process with the release of the BUDS version 3. They now provide key code generation via their dealer access only website BossWeb. It’s the same process, except the dealer enters the MPI serial number on BossWeb and is automatically given a key code.

Here is the rub. The key code is only valid for a specific MPI. It will not work on a different MPI. Additionally, the key code has an expiration date built into the code. The key code will not work beyond the expiration date. BRP typically sets this time to one year. Once the key code expires, the dealer must go on line and generate a new key code that again will expire in a year. So, every year the key code must be changed for BUDS versions 2 or 3.

For BUDS version 2, the key code was valid for one year at which point it was no longer valid and would not allow the BUDS software to function. With the release of BUDS version 3, BRP has added a new wrinkle to their BUDS software security. Now the key code generated for BUDS version 3 must be entered into the BUDS software within 24 hours of the key code being generated. If you do not enter the key code within the 24 hour period, it becomes invalid. The main difference with this change is the BUDS version 3 security features makes the BUDS system no longer transferrable to a new or different computer once the key code expires. With BUDS version 2, the key code was valid until the expiration date (you could wait up to a year to enter the code), with BUDS version 3 the key code still has the same expiration date as BUDS version 2, but if you don’t enter the key code within 24 hours it becomes invalid.

I am not suggesting you purchase a BUDS system. The software is licensed to BRP dealers only. If you do buy a BUDS system, please understand with a normal key code from BRP your system will not work once the key code expires. Again, either BUDS version 2 or 3 typically expires in a year and with version 3 you must enter the key code with 24 hours of key code generation. Unless you can figure out how to get another valid key code don’t buy a BUDS system from a third party.
Now, for the type of access granted. The BUDS software can work with the following BRP product lines SeaDoo, SkiDoo, Sport Boat, CanAm, and Spyders. However, the key code is generated in such a way that only that portion of the software that the dealer is authorized for by BRP is unlocked. As an example, a BRP dealer that sells CanAms and SeaDoos will receive BUDS access for Can-Ams and SeaDoos, but will not have access to the other product lines. The software for the other product lines are present in the BUDS program, the key code simply prevents the dealer from accessing them or even seeing that they exist.

There are a couple levels of BUDS access beyond what the dealers can access. These levels are BRP engineering, BRP development and Megatech. As you might guess, these access levels provide more functionality in the BUDS system and are not available to dealers. The Megatech level has the most functionality. Megatech Electro of Canada is the name of the company that was part of the BUDS development. Hence the level name Megatech. Similar to how the key code controls what product line a dealer has access to, the key code determines if the above levels are accessible as well.